Covid-19 Guidelines

Protocol for international Delegates

Visit the Nigeria Covid-19 website to access the latest guidelines for travel to and from Nigeria. See link below: 

NCDC Coronavirus COVID-19 Microsite

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Protocol During Event

  1. Daily health checks of participants shall be conducted at the entrance of the venue and any temperature of or above 37.5°C should be reported to the event medical lead or chief medical officer.
  2. Physical distancing (of at least 2-metres) between participants, officials, and support staff shall be always observed.
  3. Thorough disinfection and cleaning of surfaces shall be carried out twice daily.
  4. Event organizers shall ensure regular cleaning of frequently touched items (i.e., door handles, elevators, gym equipment, etc.) with soap/disinfectant.
  1. Registers, keypads, and client cards shall receive regular cleaning and disinfecting.
  2. All waste materials (i.e., tissues, disposable towels, etc.) must be carefully disposed of in closed containers before it is collected for final disposal.
  3. Physical distancing and wearing of facemask among participants and organizers must be observed.
  4. Temperature monitoring at entrances hall be executed and any temperature of or above 37.5°C shall be reported to the event medical leader chief medical officer.
  5. Visual reminders for COVID-19 promotion (i.e., stickers, posters, or wrist stamps) shall be provided to promote compliance.
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